Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saturday morning!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Now why is it that during the week I can sleep and don't want to get up and on Saturday morning when I can sleep I wake up even earlier than I need to during the week and I'm wide awake and a million things of what I should be and could be doing keep me awake and I get up and it's really early? I'm wondering if I had just a little too much coffee this morning... lol!

Let's see ... about the picture ... it's reversible tablecloth. The pattern is called "Reversible Tablecloth". Isn't that a clever name? It's from a local quilt shop called The Christmas Goose. I made one side with a wine print fabric and the other side is coffee fabric. There are coordinating prints and the border coordinates with both sides ... so it's reversible. The center is large square of your theme fabric and a couple of borders are added. This would be fun to do for gifts and for holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or Valentine's Day and Easter.
Well I guess I'm off to figure out what I want to do today. Have a great day everyone!


Karyn said...

I know exactly what you mean about Saturday mornings!! That's too funny!!

I love your reversible tablecloth. What a great idea!

nobody said...

I have been finding that is more and more the case with me also. :(

Sheila said...

Beautiful tablecloths.

MikKnits said...

Mary Sarah, thanks for finding me! I really love this reversible tablecloth. I've been meaning to go to the Christmas Goose but haven't yet. Looking forward to the Shop Hop in November, which is going to be here all too soon!