Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Want to crochet a new top?

I've been fortunate enough to test a pattern for Fernanda at FML Crochet. She's written a few patterns for some really cute tops. You can check them out at her blog and etsy shop, FML Crochet. I saw her new design on her blog and really liked it. It's a top down tank top with a nice stitch pattern and neckline. Fernanda contacted me when she had the pattern ready to test. Lucky me! She used Shine Sport from Knit Picks and I ordered the same. I hadn't used this yarn before so I wanted to try it. I picked the color 'River' which is a pretty dark blue. It doesn't give you a very good picture of stitch pattern, but I really like the yarn. It's a lighter weight cotton blend yarn and it's great for tops and sweaters.

Ok, about the top ... I worked on a gauge swatch and found that the pattern was well written. Well, as I said before, I feel very fortunate to test this pattern for Fernanda, but I wouldn't say she's as fortunate. She has written the pattern well, but, of course, I goofed at one point. You can see the mistake in this picture. The V part of the neckline is all wrong. Sometimes I focus so much on one point and totally miss something obvious! Duh!!!

So, I frogged the mistake and started again. It's a fun pattern to work and the only problem I see is that I am slow. I decided to post a picture of my progress so far. Fernanda may already have feedback from other pattern testers and I don't want to hold her up. Here's where I'm at right now. I'll finish working on the length and then work the neckline and armhole edging. Hopefully, it won't take me much longer to finish it. I plan to give it to my daughter. I think it'll look great on her.

Speaking of daughters, ... and sons, we're off to San Antonio again this week. We have a brand new dgd to meet. I really should look into buying a plane. LOL! We'll also get to visit our 8 week old dgd and the others. Life can be so amazing!


Karyn said...

I really like that top! The colour is great and I love v-necks!

Have fun in San Antonio, lucky you!

nobody said...

babies everywhere!! Lisa brought her's by CC this week. :) Have fun in TX.

Lesalicious said...

Good luck it's coming out nicely. Love the color I am a blue person lol. Great job. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Sheila said...

The top is coming along nicely and like the color choice.

Have a fabulous July 4th!!

Thank You for the lovely compliment on my JCC garments.

Robin said...

The top looks nice so far! I have one skein of the Shine I bought for swatching but I haven't tried it yet. It looks nice in the skein, so it is good to hear that it is nice to work with as well. Thanks for linking to me on your blog!