Monday, August 4, 2008

Time to Sew

I need new pants, so I decided it's a good time to try and make some. I chose this pattern ...McCAlls #5239.
It's just a good basic pants pattern. I used to make pants for myself a long time ago and I learned to fit a pair for myself using a former version of this pattern. I started with my new (bigger) measurements and took measurements of some RTW pants I have. I also read through some fitting books and went to work on the pattern adjustments. I shortened the crotch length and increased the crotch width on the front and back pieces. I made a muslin and they actually fit pretty well. I made this pair out of fabric I bought at Hancocks. It's a polyester something-or-other. I thought these would just be a 2nd muslin, but they fit pretty well. I finished them and wore them to work. They turned out ok. I plan to lengthen the legs on my next pair. These are ok as long as long as I wear flats. I'm thinking about shortening the back darts. I'll have to read more about this.

I also made a top out of fun rayon print I found at a local fabric store. I used Textile Studio Pattern #1201, Basic Top. This is simple top that can be made out of a woven or a knit. It's an easy to sew pattern. I serged all edges and sewed sleeve and side seams. Then I pressed the neckline under about 3/8" and stitched. I hemmed the sleeves and bottom and I was done. It drapes nicely if you use a light weight fabric. (It also looks better untucked.) The next time I make this I will widen the sleeve. They're a little snug. It's wearable, but it'd be more comfortable if I increase the sleeve width. (Funny, I never had to worry about this before.)

Next up, Simplicity Pattern #6762. I kept looking at the top on this pattern and decided it was time to give it a try.


Angie said...

I am so impressed with how talented you are. Great job on the sewing. :)


Sheila said...

The outfit looks great! I haven't made pants in a while and you have inspired to make them.

Lesalicious said...

Nice job can't wait to see your next project.:)

Karen said...

Nice slacks -- I think that will be my autumn challenge after my summer of tanks and tees. Like the raglan lines on that Simp. tee.