Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Baby Blanket

Hi Again!

I've been staying busy "playing" with different projects.  Last night I made a Mitered Corner Blanket.   The pattern is from the University of Utah.  A lady from a local quilt shop made it and it looked like a fun baby project.  I have a new great niece and a new grandbaby on the way so this should come in handy.

You use 2 pieces of flannel.  One piece is cut larger than the other.  I cut the print flannel 32" square and the pink flannel 42" square.  The pattern explains how to make it better than I can explain.  Once the pieces are sewn together and the corners are mitered, I ironed the blanket and used a decorative stitch on the seams to hold the two pieces together.

Here's a better picture of the stitching.  I washed the flannel before I cut the squares.  It pilled pretty badly.  I found out that I need to use fabric softener with flannel.  I'm going to try and "shave" the blanket and rewash it.  Hopefully, it will look a little better.  I plan to make a couple more for the new little members of our family.

I've also been working a crocheted blanket.  I'll post a picture soon.  So how have you all been?  What are your favorite projects right now?


Angie said...

The blanket turned out so pretty! I am working 12 hour days now (but the job is great) so my crafting time is limited but I am working on a shawl that I want to show you when it is finished. If you want to see it "in progress" you can see it on my Ravelry projects page (Swallowtail Shawl).


Sheila said...

The blanket came out adorable and like the stitching. I have some soft flannel that needs to be washed and thanks for the fabric softner tip and the link for the mitered corner blanket.

Mimi said...

Pretty blanket! I've been wanting to learn to sew, but still haven't gotten to it.

Stash Resolution said...

What a cute blanket! My best friend just found out she is expecting - I'll definitely whip up some of these for her!

And thanks for sharing a link to my blog from yours! ;-)

Connie said...

These blankets are great-around our house we call them 'love blankets'.That is the nickname our oldest daughter gave to hers years ago. I also have made them from calico and they are a great lightweight blanket for newborns and grows very well with the toddler. We usually embroider their names 'caddy-corner' on each one, as a personal touch.