Monday, November 12, 2007

Hi There!

I suppose it's time to get back to blogging! Sorry it's been so long.
I've been busy with travelling and company and deciding on what I want to work on.

I started a Seraphina Shawl
. It'll be a Christmas present for one of my SILs. In my generation of my family, we draw names. I have 6 brothers, 1 sister, a BIL and 5 SILs. We decided a long time ago, it'd be just fine to draw names. That way, we could afford to buy something nice for the person we draw (or at least nicer than trying to do something for everyone). We also play the game of keeping names a secret. Well, that's not really true. We try to keep the secret from the person we draw. We usually do a lot of phone calls and messages about "what does he/she want?", "where do I get it?", "Come on, give me some idea!" to everyone else. My mom gets a lot of phone calls during this time. LOL! It's always a lot of fun for us. So, anyway, this shawl will be part of a gift. I will probably make a purse too and find something fun to toss in.
So, are you making gifts for Christmas? What are you making? ... if you can post about it before Christmas. My family doesn't really know about my blog, so I'm safe for now. I won't post gift ideas for my kids. They'll peak!


Karyn said...

Wow! That shawl is beautiful! I know I'll be making gifts this year, but I've yet to really decide what. I'm in the experimenting stage still. :)

nobody said...

I'm going to try my hardest to finish a couple pairs of socks before x-mas, and the fetching gloves that I made a little while back are also part of a gift.. I think I'm going to make a matching hat to go with them. :)

Lesalicious said...

Wooo Hooo you back. I was hoping to see you come back. Loving the shawl so cute. Most of the Christmas gifts I am doing is crochet and sewing except my kids they getting toys as always. But, I have plan to crochet a couple of things for my mom and sister and niece.

Glad to see you back. :)