Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's try again

I've started this scarf again and I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's a simple lace stitch pattern, but when I make a mistake knitting, I don't know how to fix it. It's easy to fix a mistake in crochet. You just pull the stitiches out and try again. Well, this one, so far so good. We'll see how it goes. Who knows? I may get beyond knitting scarves after this!
So, maybe someone can explain this to me. If I knit or crochet too long, my left arm hurts. I'm not sure what I've done to my arm, but isn't that the pits? I never expected to have trouble working on something I have so much fun with. Oh well... I'm sure I should probably quit crocheting and knitting for awhile, but it doesn't hurt that much ... yet.


Karyn said...

I noticed in the past year or so that my hands tend to get sore when I'm knitting. I'm sure it's the beginning of arthritis, nothing that popping an anti-inflammatory doesn't help! :)

MikKnits said...

Mary Sarah, why don't you come and knit with us sometime?
Our next knit nite is on Monday, 11/19. Info on group home page. I'll be there.

aka MikKnits

Lesalicious said...

Mary Sarah I sometimes have problems with my wrist while crocheting. I just at times think its from crocheting to long. I do take a little brake from time to time but, then start back again. My mom brought me a wrist cuff that helps alot it keeps my wrist from bending to much while crocheting.

Scarf looks nice great job. I am also trying to get the hang of knitting myself.:)Best of luck

nobody said...

I haven't figured out how to fix my knitting yet either.. its all or nothing! hahaha I mean nothing too! My hands hurt if I get a little crazy on the tension.

Sheila said...

Look at you knitting and the scarf looks great. I will agree that fixing knitting mistakes are harder than fixing crochet mistakes. I tend to experience aches in my left wrist if I crochet or knit for long periods of time.

Niki said...

I'm the same way about knitting. I can crochet great, but knitting I never could good enough for my taste. So I guess I'll stick with crochet. Your scarf looks great to me.

Chie said...

Mary Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)
I crochet more often now than I knit too, and whenever I knit, my shoulders and left arms ache. :(
It helps me to remind myself often to relax when I crochet/knit.