Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone a very happy new year!

So, who out there has made a list of resolutions? Do you have a to-do list, a do-better list or a new goal list? I don't usually make a firm list of things to do because I don't expect to accomplish exactly what I set out to do. But I have been thinking about this for a while now and have a few things to accomplish and a few goals to meet this year.

1. Typical resolution. I need to get back to eating better and losing a few pounds. I've been having fun the past couple of months eating whatever I want and that's not good. I like sweets and I like junk food and it's showing. Enough! I'll get back on track!

2. Improve sewing skills and projects:

a. I really want to learn how to fit clothing better and I'd like to perfect a few TNT (tried and true) patterns.
I've read several sewing blogs this year and I think this is very smart sewing tip!

b. Sewing for daughter and grandbabies. My DD moved into a new home and could use some window treatments.
She will also have a new baby in May (her first) and this new baby needs a pretty new window treatment and
My DS and DDIL will have their 2nd baby in July and this one will also need his/her own special blanket/quilt.
This one may be crocheted. My DDIL doesn't need me to do any sewing for her. She does very well on her own.

c. New covers for chairs. I have 2 small rockers that need new cushion covers and skirts.

3. Crochet! gotta crochet! I have a few things going and want to finish them. I always have a list of things I want to make in
this category. With this in mind, go to #4.

4. Finish projects before starting too many new ones. (smile!)
I like sewing and crocheting and quilting and knitting and stamping and scrapbooking and ... you get the idea! I used to
criticize myself for working on too many projects at once. I finally realized that my fun was planning and working on
different things all the time. I eventually get things done, just not in the order I start them. That's ok. But, I think this
year I will focus on finishing my projects. I'll look back at this next year to see how I've done.

Well, I think this will be my New Year's resolution list. It'll be fun to see how I actually do this year. As I read through it again, I realize I have my year cut out for me already. I have a lot of traveling planned this year too. I should get started!


Lesalicious said...

Looks like you ready to get the new year started. Best of luck and I surely will be checking in as always to see how you is doing. Happy New Year:) Take care.:)

Karyn said...

That looks like a super list of resolutions! I think I need to resolve to "use what I have" and stop shopping for crying out loud!! he he he
Happy New Year!

Pam said...

You have a great list of resolutions! I'm slowly making my list, but I get sidetracked! Cheers!

Sheila said...

Happy New Year. I need to add a couple of your resolutions to my list...lol Also I've changed my blog address to: http://sheilazcrochetz.blogspot.com

Mindy said...

Go Mary! Good luck with your list and Happy New Year!