Sunday, January 13, 2008

How was your weekend?

DId your get a lot of crafting done? I didn't think I did, but now that I think about it, I did. I went to Hancocks and a local quilt shop on Saturday. I was looking for material to make a curtain, a quilt of some sort, and probably a bumper pad for my daughter's baby. I'm waiting for her to send some material she picked out, but I wanted to look at patterns and get some ideas.
When I got home, I worked on fitting a pattern for a top. I think I mentioned that I was taking a class from Pattern Review, so I worked on making the muslin. I'm learning a lot. More instructions will follow on Monday so I'll be able to move on with it then.
I worked on a crochet top I'm making. The pattern is called Elegant Shell from Lyon Brand. I'm using this yarn from Elann in peacock green. I'm almost done so I will post a picture soon.

I also started some baby booties. I just had to start something for our new babies! Booties seemed the best project for now. I'm not sure what to make since it will be very warm in May in July in San Antonio. Anyway, I started with this pattern called Easy Newborn Socks. They're fun to make and the pattern's easy to follow. I'll post a picture of these too!


Sheila said...

My weekend was good - I did a lil makeover of a room. You were definitely busy between shopping for fabric and doing your pattern review class.

Lesalicious said...

Look like you have a lot planned out can't wait to see all your latest projects. Thanks for the bday wishes.:)