Thursday, March 27, 2008

Off to San Antonio!

We're off to San Antonio for the weekend. I'm so excited! I lived there for many years and do miss a few things .... like the
Riverwalk and the Spurs and the food and margaritas! We aren't going for any of those things, ... well, maybe a margarita or 2, but we'll be seeing our grandchildren! We'll also be there for my daughter's baby shower and my other daughter just moved into a new house, so I know I'll be busy with everyone and everything! yeah! I'll let you know how the trip goes!
Have a great weekend!


Karyn said...

San Antonio! Oh my! I was there in 1992 with my girlfriends we had the best 10 days of our lives! Honestly!

Enjoy a margarita (or two).

I'm jealous!

beki said...

Ooo, have fun!

nobody said...

I'll be passing through San Antonio in May.. probably only long enough for lunch. Any suggestions for where I MUST get lunch or something I MUST see in an hour?
:) Margie