Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Purses ... Not

Hi Everyone!

How's everyone doing? I love reading other blogs and appreciate how often everyone updates their blogs. I can't seem to do so myself, but I'm so happy everyone else does!

I made a couple purses a couple of weeks ago. I liked them and thought I'd have fun switching purses around over the next couple of months. Well, here is where the "Not" comes in. I took them with me when I went to visit my family. I wanted to show them off to my mother and sister. They're gone now. My mother and sister picked them up to look at them and never gave them back. They did say thank-you though. That was nice. They eyed the one I was using, but didn't empty it out. That was good.

I think I showed you one just like this one. I made another one. I used the "Little Brown Purse" pattern from Maggie's Crochet. I changed the stitch pattern, but followed the pattern otherwise. I used Olive crochet nylon and a G crochet hook. I lined it with cotton fabric.

This is the 2nd purse I made. I found the booklet "Dual Pursenalities" by Ricki Bremer. It's made out of a placemat. The cotton fabrics are added for design and use. The bottom flap also makes pockets for the inside of the purse. The placemat is sturdy enough that a lining isn't needed. It was a lot of fun to make. I want to make another one for myself. Soon, I hope.

I have more things to share with you. I made a new t-shirt and I think I'm finally happy with the fit. I crocheted a baby sweater for one of my DGDs. It's a cute one and I need to make 2 more. 3 DGDs, 3 new sweaters! I'm also working on a couple of quilts. It'll take me a while to finish them, but I'll show you the progress of them. Pictures soon, I promise!

I'll stop here and let you all get over the shock of seeing a new post. Tomorrow's Friday! WhooHoo! That's always a WhooHoo! Enjoy!


Angie said...

Great purses (obviously since you don't have them anymore, lol). Miss you lots and hope to see you as soon as you can get away some Tuesday night. Oh, and we are starting the process of finding a new place to that has better lighting and one that does not have smoke. I will be taking "votes" in the next month and then if everyone is in pretty much agreement I will find a new place (right now the choices are between the two book stores on the corner of Lake Mead and Rainbow).


Karyn said...

I love your purses!

You sound super busy, I can't wait to see photos of your other projects!

Sheila said...

The purses look great and understand why your mom & sister never gave them Looking forward to your FOs.