Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bad Pictures

Sheila from Sheilaz Crochetz, Threadz & Knitz posted pictures of curtains around her home. How fun! They look fabulous! She mentioned that she wanted to check out cornices for her windows. I told her I'd post some pictures of what we've done. Well... I was in a hurry to take these pictures and post them, but I see I should have waited. I think some people should be banned from picture taking and leave it up to the professionals. (Sorry Karyn!)
Maybe, you'll get an idea of my window treatments.
We started in the family room.

My husband made the cornices out of plywood and I covered them with quilt batting and fabric. Love them! I was so happy with how they turned out that we had to make more. We made one for the sewing room window. It's a red velvet looking fabric with beads hanging from the bottom.

We also made a cornice for the Safari room. It's really just a small guest room. It got its name from the fabrics I picked out and from the fact that my husband loves to hunt and fish. I used 2 fabrics and centered one fabric in the middle of the cornice. The second fabric is on either side of the main fabric. I added black cording to each seam and attached small beads along the bottom of the cornice.

I decided I'd made enough cornices and wanted simple curtains in the living/dining room. I saw these "scarves" somewhere and really liked them. I added fringe to one side of the scarves and hung them over the side panels.

Oh! One more! My mother made the kitchen window valance. She saw some fabric she liked and thought it would look great with my red walls. She's amazing. She's great at sewing absolutely anything and can pick things out for me that I like better than what I'd pick out.

Sorry about the pictures. I'll try again when we get back from a trip.

I like to sew for the house. I'm usually happy with what I make. That's not alwyas true with sewing clothes. I know some people don't like home dec sewing and I can understand why. The projects can be big and there are a lot of long straight seams. Let's see ... I've always made my curtains. I've also made bedspreads, quilts, dust ruffles and lots of pillows. Dust ruffles are my least favorite thing to sew. I make them because I like the way they look.

So, do you sew for your home? Do you enjoy it? What's your favorite thing to sew?

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Sheila said...

THANK YOU! so much for posting your lovely cornices and lovely curtains/valances.

You have inspired me to push forward with the cornices. I definitely want them up before They add such a classic clean look to any room.

I love the shelf above the kitchen windows.

How did your DH anchor the cornices to the wall?

As for my favorite home dec project - I would say curtains. Of course, nearly every season, I whine & moan about making them, but once they're done I'm like a proud